Needs Money

My name is Lisa Alma, a single mother of three teenage daughters and I was married for ten years, but my husband took off with his personal assistant a week before our tenth wedding anniversary.

I had a good career as a HR professional in one of the leading real estate development companies in the world. When I met Hilary, my ex-husband, we agreed that I would stay at home and look after the kids, while he grew his insurance business. It was all smooth sailing until he started coming home late smelling of marijuana and alcohol.

I confronted him, and he dismissed me as a nagging house wife. One Thursday, he told me that he had an out of town business conference and he would be gone for two weeks. At this point, I was not getting any sex from my husband and I was reduced to masturbating when I had the house all to myself during the day.

Staying Faithful

During our wedding, I promised to stick to my vows and I never cheated on my husband. When he did not comeback after two weeks, I tried getting in touch with him fearing for the worst. His PA, Grace picked his phone after three weeks and confirmed my fears, he had moved on with a younger and more beautiful lady.

The following weekend, I sent the kids to my mom’s place and cried myself to sleep. I called on my girlfriends and we scheduled a girls’ night out at a strip club for the weekend. I binge watched Desperate Housewives and come Friday evening, I picked up my friends and we hit the town.

BBC Strippers

Since it was mid-month, the club did not have as many patrons and we had a choice selection of black strippers at our disposal. We threw all caution to the wind, and booked three strippers to entertain us in our booth.

We did not spend much time at the strip club, and we decided to club hop in search of a livelier crowd. In the wee hours of the morning, we decided to hit a gentleman’s club for one last drink before calling it a night.

Black Chivalry at its Best

The patrons were predominantly black with a few white men scattered around the club. We sat at a table and before long; we were getting drink offers from different men. A tall, bald man in a suit came over to our table and requested if he and three of his friends could join us.

We had a great time, since I was vulnerable, I melted at his charm. We left the club and headed to his place. It was a spacious three-bedroomed house in the posh side of town and we fucked all night. He had a massive pecker that I approximated to be 9.5 inches long.

We fucked everywhere right from the sitting room to the kitchen, bathroom, on the stairs and more. I spent the weekend with him, lounging by the pool. He was a perfect gentleman, and wanted more. Unfortunately, I could not get serious with him and bade him good bye on Sunday evening.

From then on, I hooked up with a numerous black men, and I was lucky that I did not get pregnant. You can catch some of my sex expeditions on